I’m not really sure when or why I decided to pick up makeup or try it out.profilepic

I’ve never really been into makeup. I always thought it was confusing, expensive, and too much work. Plus, I look awesome already, right? Why would I want to spend so much time putting this crap on when I already looked fabulous? See, a total waste.

Awhile ago, I realized that I liked nail polish. I liked that I could put it on, make art on my hands, take it off later and do something else. I’ve always liked making art, but being able to make art that makes an impression and doesn’t really waste anything (or doesn’t create any clutter sitting around my house forever) …it’s fun. I love it.

So at some point, I think I realized this applied to makeup too. I could make art, wash it all away, and try again the next day. Sometimes you suck at it, you have no idea what you’re doing, but sometimes you look and feel awesome and are ready to go out there and rock the world.

The thing that I think I like most about makeup, and by extension fashion in general, is that you get to turn everything into a canvas. It’s a way I can make art every single day, and there’s nothing that says you have to be consistent. You can wear bright bold colors and Taylor Swift red lipstick one day and dress down with no makeup at all the next day. It’s awesome, and it’s fun, and its an adventure.

I suppose in a way I’ve always been excited about fashion and style as an art—fashion photography has always been a passion of mine—but I’m realizing that it’s something I want to pursue more and more. I don’t think you need to be a runner up on America’s Next Top Model or one of those four thousand fashion design shows they have now to look awesome and feel awesome. You just need to feel good about what you choose to wear and get out there and show the world who you are through your art, whether it’s through makeup, photography, painting, or coming up with a style all your own.

So let’s get out and do it. Find your art, find what makes you feel lie you look good, and I’m going to do it too. I’ll share what I discover along the way, and I encourage you to do the same!

If you’re feeling extra excited, what outfit makes you feel the most awesome? What makeup do you feel the coolest in? I’d love to hear your responses (and see your pictures!) in the comments!