Look, if you know me, you know I love me some decorative scarves. And also actually useful scarves when the weather drops enough. This time of year, I have a hard time not adding a scarf to EVERY outfit, so I thought I’d make a quick and dirty guide to making the most out of one of the best seasons for accessories.

To kick things off, my favorite how-to video for fancying up your scarf style, by Wendy’s Lookbook:

I love experimenting with how an outfit can change just based on which scarf style I choose. While you’re shopping, too, don’t forget that not all scarves were created equal! For the styles in this video, you’ll need several different kinds, but you can experiment to your heart’s content.

My go-to collection currently looks something like this:

  • An infinity scarf, which is circular and is super quick to throw on
  • Two long, narrow scarves that are great for tying in my hair or wearing as a belt
  • Two wide, shawl-like scarves that I can wear both around my neck and around my shoulders

And of course, a number of “normal” looking scarves of various lengths. You’ll also want to experiment with different mixes of patterns and solid colors, because you can really spruce up an outfit. My favorite secret weapon? A plain, black scarf I bought at Target for $5. Sure, it’s not designer brand and the fabric isn’t too exciting, but it really goes a long way to jazz up even the simplest of outfits.

My favorite places to shop for scarves? Glad you asked!

  • Charlotte Russe has so many different styles of great quality, and they’re often on sale for $5! These are mostly decorative scarves that will go great to accessorize any outfit in any weather.
  • H&M has a good mix of decorative and winter-appropriate scarves for great prices.
  • Old Navy is hard to beat for cold weather scarves that are both stylish AND will keep you warm. I find good winter scarves are sometimes hard to find because they can be uncomfortable, but theirs are always super soft and super cozy.
  • Etsy can be hit or miss, but if you’re looking for something unique that’s going to make you stand out, you absolutely want to browse their collection of handmade scarves and wraps.

I’d love to hear your scarf stories in the comments: do you have a favorite place to shop, a favorite style? Did you find this guide at all helpful? Share your links and resources, too!