I almost feel a little biased choosing my favorite Romanian songs from 2015; I’m always exploring more and more of the Romanian music scene, but my knowledge isn’t nearly broad enough to achieve the kind of diversity that I did on my (mostly) English-language musical recap of the past year. Still, this was a great year for Romanian music, and so many of these I am still listening to now at the end of the year.

Ianuarie: “Defectul tău sunt eu” – Alex Velea


Ugh. This is gross. And by gross I mean way too adorable, stop. Alex Velea tends to be hit or miss for me (though I am a complete Antonia fangirl. Fight me.) but I loved this song and the gross adorable video that goes with it. And by loved I mean it was stuck in my head ENDLESSLY, ALL WINTER.

Februarie: “Blanadeurs” – Grasu XXL feat. Mari & DJ Undoo


I’ve already seen this track make several year-end recap lists, but it’s for a good reason: Grasu XXL hit it out of the fucking park with this entire album, and this song is really the shining star of the record, with “Turbofin” and “Victoria” as runners up for my personal favorites. (Though “Dl. Destin” really has one of the best videos I have seen all year, just about.)


Martie: “Băiatul bun, băiatul rău” – Doc & Motzu feat. Ana Maria Alexie & Vlad Munteanu


This is probably one of my favorite tracks I’ve heard this year, as I mentioned briefly in a previous post, and I’m not sure I’ve gone a week without listening to it since I first heard it. My favorite thing about this song, though, is still the Lana Del Rey vibe that Ana Marie Alexie’s chorus brings in, especially the way she delivers “Te-as fi vrut doar un comun, baiat bun?”

Aprilie: “Lupu’ de pe maidan” – Cabron feat. Peter Pop


Hahahhahahhahaha listen. Cabron. Cabron. I love this song, but I have so many questions about this video. And about Peter Pop’s hat. But it’s okay! Because I am pretty constantly wanting new music from Cabron and songs about working your way to the top and getting what you want out of life are basically my kryptonite.

Mai: “Gelozia” – Feli


If you’ve already read my other 12 Months of Music post, you’re probably wondering why I chose this song twice. Probably because it might be my favorite song of 2015, bar none, above everything else. I mean, don’t get me wrong, I’ve listened to a lot of great music this year, but “Gelozia” is the one I never skip when it comes up on shuffle, and the one I end up singing in the shower more often than not. It is GREAT and Feli is my queen (and if you need to hear some more of her stuff, you should check out her latest single.)

Iunie: “N-Am Somn” – Speak


Since I gave the May slot to Feli twice, it’s only fair to give the following month to the other song from #MaiMusic that I just couldn’t stop listening to: Speak’s “N-am somn.” My biggest issue with this song? Every time I can’t sleep, it gets stuck in my head, and then I have to listen to it again and dance along, which is super counterproductive when you have to wake up at 2 am, but whatever. I do what I want.

Iulie: “Oarecare” – Smiley


Though this song was released before the summer, it’s hard to imagine a year-recap without Smiley, and even more important: “Oarecare” was a perfect summer track from start to finish. Upbeat and cheerful, I can’t help but smile and sing along (loudly) when this one comes on, which made it great for blasting on our road trips with friends.


August: “Incerc” – Spike

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Okay, on the real, it was hard not to put this entire album here. I love Spike’s flow and lyrical aptitude and I absolutely love all of Lumea Lui Paul, but ultimately “Incerc” won out over “Mamă Mamă” (which is possibly my favorite song on the album) for this list purely because the video is amazing, and the cameos are hilarious. Also, I’ve watched it about eleventy billion times.

Septembrie: “Buna, ce mai zici?” – Ruby feat. Dorian Popa

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Though I had a passing familiarity with Dorian Popa before hearing this song, this was my first introduction to Ruby, and boy does this ever get stuck in my head. I’m still not sure how much of her other stuff I like, but this song was a great discovery.

Octombrie: “Fashion” – Tranda

Oh, Tranda. I absolutely love the original Constangeles album so I may have been a little excited (okay, I startled my roommates) when Constangeles II was announced, and this song!!! And this video!!! This is my aesthetic, as the kids say.

Noiembrie: “Te rog” – Carla’s Dreams

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For some reason I can’t explain, it took me awhile to get in to Carla’s Dreams. I think because I thought I was going to be listening to, like, an all-girl pop group with a name like that (imi pare rau!), but by the time I finally ventured a little further and listened to “Te Rog,” I was hooked, and definitely want to keep an ear out for more in 2016.

Decembrie: “Pierdut buletin” – Doc & Motzu & Smiley


As with my English-language list, it was a tough call for choosing a song to represent the last month of the year, especially with so many great new releases out. But ultimately the title had to go to this one, even if another Doc & Motzu song already made the list. This track is just incredible, and the accompanying video absolutely blew me away. (And it made my boyfriend go “WTF did I just watch?” which is always a win in my book.)

Want to listen to the whole playlist, plus some bonus songs I loved from this past year? Check out the whole thing on Spotify, and then be sure to leave your favorite tracks in the comments! Don’t forget to check out my English language 12 Months of Music recap, too!

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