Finding your own personal style can be difficult, and sometimes the easiest thing to do is just follow the trends… but when the trends are expensive or don’t suit your personality, where do you look?

For me, the answer is easy: Instagram.

I know, I know, everyone and their mom (and my mom) is on Instagram these days, and sure, we all follow all sorts of people, but I’ve found that it can be a really great way to inspire me while shopping or while experimenting with things that I already own. Anyone can make an Instagram account, and you don’t need to post pictures to be able to follow people. Even though I like to post a lot, I tend to use my Instagram feed as a sort of personal lookbook to get ideas and decide what my next fun fashion project will be while admiring styles from all over the globe. Creating a style is just like any other kind of art: when you want to really get creative, a great place to start is by studying the work of others (and consuming as much as you can!)

With that in mind, today I’ve collected some of my favorite Instagram accounts to follow for fashion and style inspiration, tips, and ideas so that you can check them out!

For Casual, Everyday Style: @maracalli

At just 17 according to her bio, @maracalli has me constantly wishing I had such good fashion sense at that age, but rather than making me infinitely jealous all the time she does an astounding job of putting together very sleek, great looking ensembles that are often built from basic staples that all of us have in our closet. Her outfits are chic, thoughtfully put together, and classy, but are actually functional and achievable from an inspiration standpoint, which I love. As a bonus, Miss Mara is the sweetest and responds to just about every comment I see, which I think goes a long way toward making her an Instagram icon.

For Being Fashionably Yourself: @eleonorabrunacci

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I should also list the lovely @eleonorabrunacci as “Total Lifestyle Inspiration,” if we’re being completely honest. Not only do I love her personal style, but it’s so fun to follow Mrs. MDV (formerly Miss B) on her glamorous adventures around the globe with her, uh, very style savvy (and attractive) husband. The thing I love about Eleonora’s feed, though, is that in spite of the designer clothes and the jetsetting travels, many of her posts are candid, untouched, or without full makeup. She looks great while she’s doing it, but amid all of the staged photoshoots I love seeing quick snapshots of her spending time with family or friends or even making funny faces. I can only aspire to be as stylish, but I also like the reminder that being humble and kind is just as beautiful as having a nice outfit.

For Funky Celebrity Chic: @mindykaling

Look, I enjoy seeing what your average celebrity is wearing to this gathering and that, but when I want to really get inspiration? I look no further than @mindykaling and her fantastic, funny personality and style that are accented by costumes put together by Salvador Perez for The Mindy Project. I’m a huge fan of everything Mindy wears on the show, but seeing the costumes in the candid of Instagram makes them seem a little more viable and makes me feel a little less afraid to try new things. (Though you won’t see me in bright orange anytime soon.)

For Bright Colors And Thrifted Steals: @thread_and_grain

My girl @thread_and_grain has some of the best photos, which not only highlight her quirky and bold sense of style but also some of the greatest street art in Minneapolis. Often using graffiti and murals as a backdrop, Emma shows off a fairly casual style with theater department twists and a lot of thrifted, vintage, Value Village goodies. While a lot of her looks might be difficult to recreate because of this, she does a great job of reminding me of that one weird thing I bought forever ago that’s sitting in the back of my closet that, when repurposed, could make a great accent piece to any outfit. As a bonus? The combination of thrifting and hitting the mall results in some looks that could be pretty affordable when you do it your own way.

For Magazine-Ready Street Style: @larisacostea

If I had to pick just one fashion “icon” of Instagram, @larisacostea would be it. Her outfits, photoshoots, and personality are all flawless, and even though many of her looks are out of budget for many of us, it never hurts to dream big, and the styles Larisa wears often use some relatively basic ideas and techniques that you can use to influence your own style. Her photos always make me feel like I’ve turned to a page in a magazine with the quality and detail of each one, and I especially love seeing what she pulls together for special events. As a bonus? It seems like Larisa and her husband are also always jetting off someplace new, making for some great stories to follow on her Snapchat!

Thank you to these lovely ladies for having such amazing feeds to follow, and I hope you can also find some inspiration in their posts. If you have some Instagram favorites that you love to follow, please let me know in the comments! You’re also welcome to follow me at @mandarific if you aren’t already. 🙂