Though Romania has no shortage of pop music and dance music and rap music, one of my favorite artists continues to be Feli, who I’ve gushed about on numerous occasions. Her style¬†reminds me in many ways of artists like Adele, but she always manages to bring something very unique to the table while also giving us what is ultimately a very ‘classic’ sound. Today’s new release is no exception, and I am already so in love with both the track and the video.

For those of you who are still brushing up on your Romanian, literally translated “Va urma” means “will follow,” and this song is (to the best of my elementary understanding) about how we all go through times that are difficult or may seem impossible to navigate, but as long as¬†you keep your sights on what’s important, you’ll find your way eventually. (Of course, I welcome a more accurate translation if one of my Romanian friends wants to correct me on this!)

We’ve seen so much great work from Feli lately that I can’t help but hope we’ll see an album before too long (pretty please?) but in the mean time if you enjoyed this track as much as I did, you can pick it up on iTunes or follow Feli on Facebook for more updates.