My favorite thing about living in Wisconsin is that the seasons actually change when they are supposed to. Sure, there’s a few outlying hot or cold days that don’t belong where they show up on the calendar, but for the most part as soon as the first day of fall rolls around it’s crunchy leaves, pumpkins, and cool breezes all the way down. I did a short list of some of my fall favorites last year, so this year’s mixtape might sound a little familiar in tune to some: for me, Autumn is all about relaxing, breezy songs, many of which come from some of my favorite Irish artists who manage to perfectly capture a fall wind and a pre-Winter rainstorm in their music. Today’s mix combines lilting, dreamy lyrics with unique instrumentals from a variety of artists that I feel really capture the changing of colors in nature, the shift in the weather, and the slow roll away from Summer.

You can check out the tracklist here, then scroll down to listen to the whole thing on Spotify!

1. “Wilderness” – Explosions In The Sky (iTunes/Apple Music)

2. “The Crane Wife 1 & 2” – The Decemberists (iTunes/Apple Music)

3. “Communion” – Trace Bundy (iTunes/Apple Music)

4. “Time Immemorial” – Marketa Irglova (iTunes/Apple Music)

5. “Get Low” – James Vincent McMorrow (iTunes/Apple Music)

6. “Ancient Light” – Allman Brown (iTunes/Apple Music)

7. “Set Sail” – Colm Mac Con Iomaire (iTunes/Apple Music)

8. “When The Light Hits The Water” (Acoustic) – Matthew and the Atlas (iTunes/Apple Music)

9. “Shiver” – Lucy Rose (iTunes/Apple Music)

10. “Barton” – Lisa Hannigan (iTunes/Apple Music)

Some of the highlights from this playlist: Both Lisa Hannigan’s “Barton” and James Vincent McMorrow’s “Get Low” are from recently released albums that I mentioned I was looking forward to a few weeks ago, and are both truly excellent samples of the records they are from. Diligent Irish music fans will also recognize Marketa Irglova and Colm Mac Con Iomaire both from their work with Glen Hansard as well, though both of them are incredibly strong solo artists. I also personally love this version of “When The Light Hits The Water” by Matthew and the Atlas, which was a beautiful track from their latest record that has been given new life with the acoustic release.

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