Remember how I said the weather turns really suddenly here in Wisconsin? It’s already in the 50’s (or around 12 for those of you who use Celsius) and the time for leggings, sweaters, boots, scarves, and everything snuggly is already upon us. Sure we’ll probably have a few warm days over the next few weeks still, but that doesn’t change the fact that I am SO READY to go shopping for a new fall wardrobe as soon as I am able to.

In the mean time? It’s time for a Fall Fashion Wish List to start thinking about outfit inspiration for the next few months! I’ve tried to pick out some of my favorite items that might actually be affordable alongside the more expensive ones too, depending on your budget, but as always I suggest keeping an eye out for similar items or sales and coupons! This is a wish list, after all: we’re here to get inspired even if we can’t empty our wallets!

Awesome Autumn Dresses

I love dresses, and they’re my favorite fashion cheat of all time. Everyone always comments on how nice I look, but all you have to do is throw on one article of clothing. It’s great, I love it, and you can always add leggings to make things a little warmer if you’re like me and live on a street that is basically a wind tunnel.

Pike Festival Participant Dress – $59.99, ModCloth

modcloth_pikefestdressSomething about the changing leaves always makes me want to go right for the solid colors and earth tones, and I love the way this particular dress looks. It’s got an open back (seriously, check out the other photos) which makes it look like a great choice for days where you aren’t totally sure what the weather is going to be, though I think it could also easily be paired with a nice black jacket or sweater. This color is one of my favorites for autumn and I think it can be really easily dressed up with accessories, too… like an awesome colorful, patterned scarf to really make it pop.

Oh, also: as of the time of posting, ModCloth is offering 20% off of fall dresses with the DRESSPLZ code. I’ll try to update this post if the code is no longer valid!


V-Neck Shift Dress (Black Print) – $34.94, Old Navyon_shiftdress

Shift dresses are kind of a hard sell for me because, let’s face it, they are one of those silhouettes that often seems to look better on the rack than it does on an actual living human, but I absolutely love this black floral print and this particular design looks like a perfect fit for pairing with leggings or tights on cooler days. Plus, the sleeves look loose enough to not be totally miserable if it’s warm out, too.

If I manage to pick this one up, I’ll probably be pairing it with my favorite maroon tights and black flats or boots, maybe with a longer necklace or pendant too.


Olive Lee Tunic – $50.00, Louella by Ibitihaj Muhammad

louella_tunicWhen I heard that Olympic fencer Ibitihaj Muhammad had her own clothing line dedicated to modest fashion that was still stylish and unique I had to check it out, and some of this stuff is absolutely gorgeous. I completely adore these tunic dresses, but this olive color one might be my favorite. I really love the suggestion to pair it with jeans, too, which I think helps kick up the modern look without having to resort to leggings (which I love, of course, and you’ll see more of that later too) and also helps the shape of the super-soft looking piece speak for itself.

Though my ears aren’t pierced, I do love how the model has some fantastic statement earrings paired with this, and I think they absolutely go well with the entire ensemble…I think you could also do well with some super dangly ones, too!


Let’s Get Layered!

In the summertime, I’m all about the short, snug clothes, crop tops and tank tops and anything else… for fall? It’s all about loose and baggy and layers. (Remember the comment about leggings? Of course you do. Everyone needs leggings. All leggings, all the time. Old Navy sells my favorites, by the way, and they come in a bajillion cute patterns too.) The key to layering, though, is all about what you’ve got on top. Old Navy also has some of my favorite super basic cardigans, too, but let’s look at some of my other favorites for this season!

Charmer In Charge Top – $39.99, ModCloth

modcloth_raspberryI need this blouse, like, yesterday. Look at it! I love the cap sleeves, I love the cut, I love that it could just as easily go over a cami and leggings or jeans as it could be paired with a high-waisted skirt for something a little more upscale or professional. The raspberry color is also perfect for me because it’s a little darker than your bright Lana Del Rey Summertime Flamingo Pink (I know you know what I’m talking about, here) and feels very suited to the season without being overly dark.

Tops like this one can also be super versatile, so it could be easily layered with a cardigan or jacket, a knotted neck scarf, or necklaces of any length you choose, making it a great fit for an autumn staple while the weather is so unpredictable.


Black Lace Top w/ Embroidered Lace & Mesh $32.00, Maurice’s maurices_black

This is super goth, super ready for Halloween, and I don’t even care. I love the sheer sleeves, I love the pattern at the collar, I love everything about this shirt and am going to have to look for it immediately once I get shopping. While black is a bit more of a winter color (I mean, talk about going super goth) I think the general look of this top feels a lot more autumn, and I think while it looks great with jeans I will probably want to pair it with a nice burgundy skirt, maybe something with more of an A-line to it.

If you really want to embrace the Halloween look, though, you could add a spooky looking talisman—er, pendant, and really rock a witchy look with it.


Her Universe Star Wars Rey Cardigan $68.50, Torrid

torrid_cardiganAt almost $70, this cardigan is entirely too expensive, but it is also probably the coolest cardigan I have seen in awhile so it had to make the list just on principle. I’m a huge fan of “closet cosplay” type items that let you capture the look of your favorite characters or universes without wearing generic graphic tees or something that screams “THIS IS A COSTUME” and this cardigan, guys. It hits on all the right notes to look just like it came from Rey’s wardrobe in The Force Awakens and I need it immediately. (And it has a HOOD!)

Though the cutout sleeves might serve a problem depending on the weather or if you don’t feel like wearing a tank top, I think you could achieve a similar look with a solid color basic tee underneath…even one that’s a little more brightly colored to put your own spin on the look!


Quirk Through It Jacket $59.99, ModClothmodcloth_jacket

Here’s the thing, what I really would purchase if I had infinite funds is one of those fancy Balmain military jackets, but since I don’t currently have $6,345 (god, what a specific number) burning a hole in my pocket, this military ModCloth jacket is, I guess, the next best thing. The color is a little more tricky than your standard black, but it’s at least available in both blue and brown so that you can try to match what works best with your wardrobe. I think the tan color would actually look great over a black dress, while I love the blue one paired with jeans or something a little lighter. I’m also not sure I would bother buttoning this up all the way as this style looks great when you wear it loose, but even if you did button it up I think it would look great with a shorter skirt or dress to sort of balance out the look of the long sleeves.



These are all, of course, just a few of my favorites as we roll into the fall season, but I’d love to hear what your favorites are too and what you’re looking forward to wearing this season! Or, you know, if it’s already cold where you are, what have you been rocking already? Leave your thoughts, comments, and suggestions in the comments… I would love to hear them and see what everyone else is wearing or lusting after!