This week seriously just flew by, though I think a big part of it has been being busy. Now that I’m back to my usual energy levels it’s been catch up time with everything I missed or had to take a break from throughout recovery. Which means a lot of work and even some actual leaving the house?! Not a lot of that, I mean, but some. I’ve still been pretty busy.

Like making my planners look super awesome to help me keep track of my super busy week (even though it doesn’t look so super busy before I filled everything in, I guess.)


Did you see my planner post? You should probably check out my planner post to see how far this rabbit hole has gone. It’s deep. Really. It’s become a whole thing.

I also finally got to go pick up some fall clothes, which I am SO excited about and hope to post about later this week so I can give you guys the full run down, because I am SO excited for fall stuff. I did make a sort of wish list earlier this month if you want to check out the sort of things I’m into, of course.

The two coolest things I’ve done this week, though are perfectly timed for Halloween: for one, I released my very first short story collection on DriveThruFiction, called Three Nights. It consists of three flash fiction stories about vampires coping with life after death, with three characters I’m super proud of who come from very different backgrounds and parts of the United States. If you like spooky fiction and quick reads, I think you’ll enjoy these stories. Also, they’re available on a pay what you want basis so you can pay as much or as little as you’d like (even $0.00!) You can also find some more projects I’ve done writing or editing work for on my personal site at too, if that sort of thing interests you!


Thing #2 is maybe slightly less cool depending on your perspective, but man, I have been playing a lot of Dishonored. I started playing it ages ago and lately have been super in the mood for video games so I decided to pick this one up again. I’m about halfway through and so far it’s… honestly, exactly what I wanted out of the Assassin’s Creed franchise that I never really felt like I got; the assignments and cities in Assassin’s Creed (what I’ve played, anyway) all seem to blend into each other after awhile, and this game really manages to keep it fresh. There’s some things I don’t like, but there’s a lot I do like, and it’s kept me pretty immersed in the series.

If you wanna check it out and support the blog, it’s also pretty cheap on Amazon since it’s an older game, and there’s even special definitive editions (ooh, fancy) out for newer consoles as well. So far playing this really makes me want to get a new console so that I can get the sequel when it comes out, but I could also use some new fencing gear, so. Priorities.

Anyway, on one hand I’m tired of feeling constantly busy, but I’m also really glad to be able to get up and live my life and do fun things indoors and out. We have a few weekends off coming up that are perfect for fall activities, so hopefully we’ll be off to the pumpkin patch or the apple orchard or the corn maze or at least something before the month is up. We’re already starting to get the nonstop gloomy weather, too, so it will be nice to enjoy getting outside before it gets really cold.

Speaking of, before I go, please enjoy this super spookytime photo I took the other day when the weather was particularly gloomy!

drumul spre succes e unul prea complex

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I’ve got to get back to this Dishonored mission so I can make the most of my weekend before I go all in on work this week. I really want to be able to enjoy taking some time off this next weekend, so that means really zoning in my focus for this week.

Also, hopefully I can get back to fencing. I miss it so much. And I need to do things that don’t involve sitting on the couch, I guess. Ugh. Physical activity. Who needs it?

(Me. I do. Desperately. Let’s not lie to ourselves.)

I hope you all had a great week, please feel free to leave a comment and let me know how you are, what you’re up to, what you’ve been playing, and so on! I’ll see you throughout the week and over on Patreon if you’re one of my backers…and if you’re not, feel free to make a pledge of as little as $1 USD/month to help me keep this blog afloat. I might even have some new rewards for my patrons pretty soon, too.

Here’s to another awesome week!

(Hopefully. I’ll be keeping my fingers crossed for you and me both.)