And just like that, it’s December.

I never really meant to spend so much time away from blogging, but all the busy I talked about in my last post? Oh, past Manda. You had no idea, did you? No idea how busy you would be and that you wouldn’t really truly get a good night’s sleep from, like, May to November. It’s fine. You survived it.

Since my last update I finished one semester of school and started another, went out of the country for three weeks, worked at a convention, went on a cross-country road trip to visit family in Georgia… jeez, what else was there? I’m sure there was something.

Holidays. Halloween, Thanksgiving. Getting ready for Christmas.

The general stress of the world at large. I guess that’s a thing.

Anyway, a few weeks ago after I finished a whirlwind weekend of that convention I mentioned previously and seeing Death From Above live (I blogged about this over at Headphone Couture, by the way. Tldr, it was incredible.) I remember laying in my bed on my laptop and finally, finally feeling like I could relax. It was weird; I’ve had downtime over the past seven months, but it hasn’t really felt like it. Downtime has been more recovering from one event and getting ready for the next, it’s been adjusting to time zone changes and Daylight Saving Time, it’s been closing my eyes for two seconds when I have the chance.

I have glimpsed what it means to be truly busy, and… I’m not sure how I feel about it.

There’s this trope in films where a room hasn’t been touched in who knows how long, and someone always throws open the curtains and lets the light in. In the light, the room looks less spooky, less scary. The dust flies in the air, but it suddenly feels like you can tackle it. It’s not just a great looming mess, it’s a room. And there is hope in the sunbeams.

That is how I felt this morning, when I realized I made it to December, when I realized that I’m back to having time for the things I really enjoy doing. I’ve played board games with friends, I went to the gym yesterday, I’ve tried to work in time to play video games, I’ve been able to focus on my homework and day job without feeling like I need to rush through it. I have time to breathe. The curtains are aside, the light is in. I mean, it’s not—it’s December in Wisconsin and the sun never came out at all today, but it’s still sort of there.

In the wide world of blogging, I guess this is when I would apologize for being away, for not writing more. But you know what? this time… I’m not going to do that. I’m pretty happy with where I’m at, and I’m so excited about how many stories I have to tell you. In fact, I think we’re going to have a really great time.

Strap in, December. We’re going for a ride.