profilepicPart wandering vagrant and part distracted creator, Manda Collis is another twenty-something with way too much enthusiasm for way too may things. A writer, editor, photographer, and web developer (and a freelancer for all of the above) who mostly just enjoys traveling and listening to good music (often at the same time), Manda is here to talk about all of the things that she is interested in, no matter how uninterested everyone else might be.

Currently living in the wilds outside of Madison, Wisconsin, Manda originally hails from the Outer Banks of North Carolina where she picked up a fondness for perfectly cooked seafood, storytelling, and the laid back beach culture that tells you to follow your heart, the wind, or good surf…whichever seems like the best option at the time. After all, no matter where you go you can always go back home…or find somewhere new.

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