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Author: Manda Collis

When Everything Happens At Once

I think this is the largest stretch of time I have gone in awhile without blogging. It’s strange, it was always in the back of my mind, lurking there like hey remember this thing that you do, this is a thing that you do you should probably– yeah, yeah. The thing is, I love blogging. It’s a nice outlet, it’s fun to do, it gets my creative part of my brain flowing when I need to kickstart it so I can do other writing. Plus I love interacting with those of you that read (are you even still around? It’s been so...

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Music and Mandarific: In With The New

When I picked back up blogging on this site a few years ago and decided to blog about “whatever I want,” I didn’t really realize just how much I would enjoy blogging about music. I mean, it makes sense—I love music, I’ve been making music and enjoying music since I was a kid, and I love writing, so why wouldn’t I love writing about music? I also didn’t anticipate how big things would get. I didn’t anticipate having people sending me their music to review or feature, or hearing from promoters, or realizing I wanted to blog about music a lot....

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Staying Sane in the 24-Hour News Cycle

Here in the United States, the election happened, the inauguration happened, and then it sort of at times feels like all hell broke loose. So much is happening so quickly to a point where even if you agree with what’s going on, it’s hard to even keep up. Legislation is happening by surprise overnight, people are getting fired at a moment’s notice, and that’s just the political news. What about everything else that’s going on in the world?! How do we keep up with all of it?! I’m gonna tell you something you might not want to hear: you don’t. Every year...

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The Women’s March on Madison, Wisconsin: A Story in Pictures

Have you ever been a part of something big? Like, truly big? There’s an electricity in the air that you can’t explain, there’s this feeling when you look at other people around you and you exchange a glance: you feel it, don’t you? Sometimes it can be positive electricity, like waiting for your team to make the final score that will win them the game. Sometimes it’s negative, like gathering after a disaster to try to decide what to do next. But it’s always there, and it’s something you feel even if you can’t quite describe it. The traffic grew steadily thicker...

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