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Author: Manda Collis

A Few Of My Least Favorite Things

I love Christmas. I love holidays in general, really, but Christmas is one of those… well, you know. It’s so magical. And I love Christmas music, I remember growing up one of our local classifieds ad… book… things used to publish this book of Christmas songs every year, I guess so you could go caroling? And we did. And it was great. But anyway, there are all kinds of songs that I just love from the holiday season. “O Come, O Come Emmanuel” is probably one of my favorites (I love the religious ones) and there’s the secular pop favorites like...

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Stuff Manda Loves: Favorites For December 2016

Hello, Mandaland! It’s the end of the year, which is absolutely awesome given how 2016 is gone but… I’ll admit to already being a little nostalgic. Some good stuff definitely happened, and I’m absolutely thankful for that. The last few months were pretty busy for me, but let’s ring out the year with a bang yeah? Here’s my final favorites list for this year!!! I hope you enjoy it, and I’d love to hear what media you’re enjoying currently as we bring the year to a close and get ready to celebrate the holiday season. STUFF TO PLAY Hot...

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Interview: Chatting With Two Badass Cosplayers

It’s Halloween, and there’s no better time to celebrate the magic of costuming and creativity! Though many of you probably spent some time in costume over the weekend or are working on pulling something together at the last minute, I thought it would be an awesome idea to chat with some cosplay enthusiasts who are working on costumes year round and each have their own unique style. Scroll on down and join me in getting to know the ladies behind Donttouchmymilk Cosplay and Nerdette Cosplays, who have both been gracious enough to take time out of their hectic costuming schedules to...

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Just A Normal Week… Now With Bonus Vampires and Assassins!

This week seriously just flew by, though I think a big part of it has been being busy. Now that I’m back to my usual energy levels it’s been catch up time with everything I missed or had to take a break from throughout recovery. Which means a lot of work and even some actual leaving the house?! Not a lot of that, I mean, but some. I’ve still been pretty busy. Like making my planners look super awesome to help me keep track of my super busy week (even though it doesn’t look so super busy before I...

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Learning To Love The Happy Planner

Some of you may have noticed that I made a brief mention the other day about decorating my planner, which has turned out to be a deep enough rabbit hole that I needed to make an entire post about it. And it probably won’t be the last one, either. A few months ago I was on the hunt for a new planner. I have way too much stuff going on between this blog, my web development business, freelancing, and a thousand other different things, and my old planner just wasn’t cutting it. I had a pretty normal planner, you...

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