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Author: Manda Collis

Learning To Love The Happy Planner

Some of you may have noticed that I made a brief mention the other day about decorating my planner, which has turned out to be a deep enough rabbit hole that I needed to make an entire post about it. And it probably won’t be the last one, either. A few months ago I was on the hunt for a new planner. I have way too much stuff going on between this blog, my web development business, freelancing, and a thousand other different things, and my old planner just wasn’t cutting it. I had a pretty normal planner, you...

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All Aboard the Halloween Hype Train!!!

Luckily this week has been worlds better than last week, and while surgery recovery still sucks it’s been nice to get back to normal life again. Most importantly, it’s been nice to get to October and finally put September behind me Not just because of how much September sucked (I don’t even normally say that kind of thing, I’m an optimist and all, but September sucked) but also because fall is now in FULL SWING and EVERYTHING IS SPOOKY. Look, I need to tell you, I am all aboard the Halloween hype train. The leaves are CHANGING and there are PUMPKINS...

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Stuff Manda Loves: Favorites For October 2016

Having been recovering from surgery for the past couple of weeks I’ve been watching a lot of TV and playing a lot of video games, so it could be pretty easy to make this list go on for days and days and days, but luckily I’ve had a few things stand out this month. That said, if you’re looking for new stuff to read, watch, or play, I think I’ve got some awesome stuff for you guys this month. Are you ready? I’m ready. Let’s go. STUFF TO PLAY Spelunky – I know most of the games I share with...

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Fall Fabulous Fashion: Dresses & Layers

Remember how I said the weather turns really suddenly here in Wisconsin? It’s already in the 50’s (or around 12 for those of you who use Celsius) and the time for leggings, sweaters, boots, scarves, and everything snuggly is already upon us. Sure we’ll probably have a few warm days over the next few weeks still, but that doesn’t change the fact that I am SO READY to go shopping for a new fall wardrobe as soon as I am able to. In the mean time? It’s time for a Fall Fashion Wish List to start thinking about outfit inspiration for the next...

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Monday Mixtape: Autumn Afternoons

My favorite thing about living in Wisconsin is that the seasons actually change when they are supposed to. Sure, there’s a few outlying hot or cold days that don’t belong where they show up on the calendar, but for the most part as soon as the first day of fall rolls around it’s crunchy leaves, pumpkins, and cool breezes all the way down. I did a short list of some of my fall favorites last year, so this year’s mixtape might sound a little familiar in tune to some: for me, Autumn is all about relaxing, breezy songs, many of...

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