On Unplanned Affection

Can I be allowed a fangirl moment? Just one? Come on, you guys know I never get all girly on you. Just this once. I promise. Then it’s back to the dice rolling and the snarky commentary and the who knows what.

Last night was the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show. You know, that one time of year when it’s excusable to stare at girls in lingerie on prime time television for awhile? That one.

So this is the part where I tell you how much I looooooove Maroon 5. I’ve been trying to catch them live for awhile now (they’re pretty high up on my rapidly dwindling bucket list of performers to see in concert) and Nick has done an amazing job of converting me. Maybe a little too amazing of a job. I might be in love with Adam Levine, their lead singer. He’s great. He’s got this amazing voice and style that, when stripped of all the modern technology beefing up the song, makes him sound like he should be playing at sock hops with his hair slicked back and one of those big old school Buddy Holly microphones. He also basically told Fox News to suck it, which is absolutely amazing.  Not to mention he’s terribly attractive. I mean just look at this guy:

See? SEE?

Ahem. I told you this was going to be a fangirly blog. I promise it’ll be over soon.

So anyway, back to the actual story at hand, Mr. Levine here played with his band at the Victoria’s Secret fashion show last night, where his girlfriend Anna V was walking the runway. Yes, you read that correctly, this guy who got blessed with entirely too much attractiveness is also dating a Victoria’s Secret Angel. You might recognize her from the Never Gonna Leave This Bed videos if you’re already familiar with Maroon 5. Yeah. She’s that girl.

So while he’s playing and she’s being hot and we’re supposed to be focusing on the clothes, no seriously, what they’re wearing not what’s underneath, this happens:

Cute, right? Freaking adorable. He’s doing his thing, she’s doing her thing, and they just go on and hold hands and just kind of say “screw you, world! We’re in love! Try and stop us!” right there on national television.

It’s just so refreshing. I mean after I spent a solid two minutes squee-ing and giggling and hitting play a couple times, it’s just nice to see two people so in love and so willing to share it with people. Even in Maroon 5′s music videos – did you watch “Never Gonna Leave This Bed?” They basically snuggle in bed in a glass box on a truck going down the road where everyone can see them, not caring who sees it.

We just seem to focus so much on negativity in our culture, don’t we? Nobody cared when whats-her-face Kardashian got married, but as soon as she announced she was getting divorced – now that sells papers. We want to hear about scandal and badness and terrible stuff. I guess people want to feel better about their own lives.

But this stuff – something as simple as two careers and two workplaces colliding brings something so adorable and heartfelt and really makes you feel like the world can’t be all bad.

Sure, someone backstage was probably chewing her out a-la Jonathan Groff in Season 2 of Glee where Finn & Rachel’s kiss spoiled the competition for the team (was that a spoiler? oops.) going do you know what you’ve done you’re supposed to be upholding the blah blah blah blah…

But who cares?

Love is beautiful. Enjoy it – whether it’s yours or someone elses, whether it’s a boyfriend or girlfriend or wife or celebrity you can only dream of meeting or a book or a stuffed animal or even yourself – just enjoy it and let it happen.

Drop the drama and walk the runway on national TV. Tell someone they mean the world to you.

What’s the worst that could happen?


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